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Available 24/7

Available 24/7

With Hoot you have a direct line of communication to the brain of the system. Whether you're looking for detailed information about KLEKSI's features and capabilities or need instructions on how to use specific tools, Hoot is here to help.

The benefits of Hoot for users from the museum, heritage, and archive industries are many. First, it provides direct and instant access to information, saving you precious time. No more searching for documentation or browsing through comprehensive manuals. With Hoot, you get fast and relevant answers to your questions, helping you work more efficiently.

Plus, Hoot is available 24/7, so you can always rely on support regardless of your location or time zone. Whether you're working at another museum, on your way to a conference, or working on a project late at night, Hoot is always ready to help.

How does it work

How does it work

KLEKSI's user-friendly interface makes it easy to interact with Hoot. Just type your question in the chat box and receive an instant clear and understandable answer. The powerful AI technology behind Hoot ensures that you receive reliable and relevant information, supported by the latest knowledge and insights.

At KLEKSI, we strive to provide you with the best possible user experience. We listen to your feedback and continue to improve our platform to meet your needs. We believe in the power of technology to support and enrich the museums and heritage sector, and Hoot is a step in that direction.

Generate object descriptions for your visitors

Generate object descriptions for your visitors

Another use of Hoot is generating object descriptions from data captured through KLEKSI! Hoot saves you time and effort in creating compelling and accurate descriptions for your collection. Thanks to advanced AI technology, Hoot analyzes the relevant details of objects, such as historical background, artistic style and materials. It offers suggestions and inspirational phrases to serve as the basis for your descriptions. This results in consistent and meaningful descriptions, bringing your collection to life.

Transform your item descriptions with Hoot and make your collection shine with vibrant and meaningful descriptions.

Easily manage, digitize and publish collection(s)

Easily manage, digitize and publish collection(s)

As a curator of a museum or heritage institution, you naturally want to be able to document, archive and digitize the collection(s) as simply and efficiently as possible. You also want to be able to show your digital collection professionally to the public on the website of the museum or organization you work for. It is important of course that you can decide for yourself what you do and do not want to make public.

KLEKSI has been developed for this target group, a very user-friendly, safe and professional system for museums, heritage institutions, historical associations and cultural institutions with small and large collections.

Manage your collection via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Manage your collection via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

KLEKSI is responsive and adapts to any type of device regardless of its resolution. You can manage your collection wherever you are and whenever you want. You only need an internet connection. Take photos with your smartphone and put them directly into your collection. Do you work with professional photo equipment? Then manage your collection just as easily via a desktop computer.

KLEKSI makes your collection, exhibition and museum easier to find

KLEKSI makes your collection, exhibition and museum easier to find

The frontend, the search function and filter option for visitors, will be installed on your own (existing) domain name. KLEKSI is SEO technically optimized so that your collection is indexed perfectly by search engines. The more visitors discover your collection, the more visitors you will eventually attract to your exhibition or museums.

Inform visitors digitally within your museum

Inform visitors digitally within your museum

With KLEKSI you can inform visitors about your objects on the basis of QR codes that KLEKSI automatically generates for you. This creates an extra revenue model for your museum, association or exhibition. Visitors who scan a QR code are automatically redirected to the page where more information about the object is listed. Place or hang the QR code next to the object and your visitors can retrieve information about the object in question with any smartphone.

Why users love it

  • Usability

    A versatile system that allows you to manage your collection(s) in a very user-friendly way.

  • Professional front end

    Your collection professionally presented online, SEO optimized, linked to statistics.

  • Fully web-based

    KLEKSI can be reached everywhere via the internet, so you can also work on your collection(s) at home.

  • Flexible and expandable

    Manage and add collections, objects, object types, object data and users yourself.

  • Handy photo editing tool

    With KLEKSI you can easily edit your photos or crop details.

  • Multiple users

    Depending on the license, you can add and manage the administrators of your collection yourself.

  • Backups and Security

    Your data is stored securely and your data is backed up every day.

Advantages of KLEKSI

Advantages of KLEKSI

KLEKSI is more than just managing your collection ...

View all the benefits below:

  • KLEKSI is flexible, you decide how you want to digitize your collection.
  • KLEKSI is fast and compatible with any (modern) browser.
  • KLEKSI is user-friendly and makes managing your collection very easy.
  • KLEKSI is web-based, so you can also work on your collection from home.
  • KLEKSI offers a functional interface for the professional presentation of your collection.
  • KLEKSI has developed an extensive search function for your visitors.
  • KLEKSI informs visitors to your museum or exhibition via a QR code.
  • KLEKSI is multilingual, more than one in 3 museum visitors comes from abroad.
  • KLEKSI is accessible to people with disabilities.
  • KLEKSI is available 24/7 via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • KLEKSI is continuously being developed, so you never have an outdated system.
  • KLEKSI offers the possibility to create additional accounts for your colleagues yourself.
  • KLEKSI offers the possibility to manage an unlimited number of collections.

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